I have learnt through my years of experience in business that the lifeblood of any business is good communication. I set up ‘the circle’ to work with all shapes and sizes of businesses;  to encourage, develop and promote – positive communication: individual, team, internal, external – any communication that helps people to realise their potential within business and in the context of their broader life – in a way that makes them happy.


We work with start-ups, SMEs, Corporates – at all times having the same objective of helping you to achieve your goals.



Whether working with an individual, team or wider business; coaching or developing marketing strategy – these are the key words to explain how I approach working with you. Questioning is where it all begins and the aim is to enable you to deliver your objectives – with some focused listening and considered thinking, in between.


This explains how we can work together – from an individual session, to perhaps support a vital job interview, to a full programme of individual and team activity running through your business, possibly following a merger or acquisition..? Everything that I do is bespoke and looks at the specific individual or situation. If what you are seeking is not covered here – I am sure that I can work with you to create a solution. I have a network of trusted coaches, when a project needs more than just me – and other agencies when working on marketing/ PR projects. Nearly twenty years of working for myself, following time in other businesses has enabled me to establish a strong and valuable collection of partner people and businesses; to introduce to projects, when and if relevant. You may need only me!