This explains how we can work together – from an individual session, to perhaps support a vital job interview, to a full programme of individual and team activity running through your business, possibly following a merger or acquisition..? Everything that I do is bespoke and looks at the specific individual or situation. If what you are seeking is not covered here – I am sure that I can work with you to create a solution.
I have a network of trusted coaches, when a project needs more than just me – and other agencies when working on marketing/ PR projects. Nearly twenty years of working for myself, following time in other businesses has enabled me to establish a strong and valuable collection of partner people and businesses; to introduce to projects, when and if relevant. You may need only me!

All coaching starts with a ‘chemistry session’ (circa 1 hour) to establish if there is a level of trust and a personality fit, to develop a coaching relationship.

Monthly Support
This is a flexible approach to working together – to use for set-period of time, ongoing as needed or potential adhoc after a programme has been completed. There is a monthly fee, based on the amount of time required and one month’s notice is needed to end the working relationship. The fee will include a face-to-face meeting once a month plus any calls, skype, reading material/ references, exercises, review of any work/ proposals – essentially whatever you need at the time…

This is a more structured approach – six sessions over circa six months, plus a seventh review session three months after the sixth session. This is charged on a fixed fee basis for the programme.

Specific events/ challenges
You may need some external input ahead of a job interview, appraisal, important presentation or event. Alternatively, the sessions may be used to tackle issues such as anxiety, confidence, team management
etc… In this instance – sessions can be booked individually or in two/ three – based on the brief.

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The Coaching Pop-Up approach allows businesses to provide regular support to their teams for well-being, career progression and mental health

  • Appointments are typically one hour long, with a maximum of six appointments per Coaching Pop-Up day. If preferred, longer appointments can be accommodated, with a corresponding reduction in the maximum number of appointments in any one Coaching Pop-Up day
  • This option provides wider access to coaching through a business, a chance to trial coaching and a cost effective solution with flexibility
  • Prior to a programme commencing – the coach will present to the group to outline the process and to take any questions, so that the benefits are fully understood
  • This approach can provide a hybrid between an in-house coach and an external coach, as a deep and broad understanding of the business is attained but with a continued outside perspective

Fees are based on a day rate, providing a cost-effective approach to delivering coaching across a business/ organisation.

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Concentrated approach to coaching – one day (10am – 4.30pm) one-to-one

  • A day for you to focus on you – to think, talk, be listened to, process and start to make things
  • Combination of coaching techniques and activities; focused on understanding yourself, where you are, the values that you run your life by and how you wish for your life/ career to take shape going forwards
  • A mixture of exclusive listening, shaping thinking, gently (and challenging!) enabling and creating actions
  • Intense, open and focused in a safe environment
  • A mixture of indoors and outdoors (only walking!)
  • Pre-work to start the thinking process and to understand your strengths
  • Follow-up six weeks after the day
  • Option to continue further coaching, or simply have this day as a one-off ‘re-boot’

A set-fee for pre-work, day together and six-week follow-up.

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When I was first introduced to MBTI, I was an annoying, questioning cynic. I do not like putting people into boxes and feel that some psychometric testing when delivered in the wrong place at the wrong time by the wrong people – can do just that. I am now an enthusiastic convert and have become accredited. I have seen the value of heightened self-awareness of you, for your own development and of those around you, for team development. There is not a right or wrong way of doing things – there are preferences. We are all capable of using all of our preferences – but some are more practised than others. A greater understanding of this, can help you to understand why you do things a certain way and why others may react and behave differently. It makes you stop and think.

Tools such as these are more frequently used in larger organisations. I have made a point of working with SME owners and charities, to show the usefulness of enhanced awareness of how you operate – both at home and work.

MBTI can be carried out one to one or as a team exercise – on its own or as part of a day/s (allow a half day for a team MBTI session and circa two hours for an individual).

Set fee for group MBTI up to ten people and additional per person charge up to a maximum of fifteen. Set fee for an individual MBTI or can be integrated into a coaching programme.

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The only set day/ s that I have for teams is MBTI. This can be standalone or as part of a broader brief. Each MBTI is different, due to the nature of each team and the business/ organisation that it operates within and is tailored appropriately. My other day/s working with teams are all designed to a need. They can be coaching specific, marketing specific or a blend of both.
All costs based on a brief.

Some examples:

  • Working with the vertical team within Breast Cancer UK – a day combining a morning of team MBTI with an afternoon focusing on Visions, Values, Culture, Behaviours. The objective was to facilitate better individual understanding across a multi-functional home-working team and a consolidated view of the overarching strategy and how to deliver this collectively as a united team.
  • Setting a new leadership team on its directional path. Created a two day away session for the new leadership team of The Conduit Club, Mayfair. Telephone interviews with directors and founders, collation of content to form structure of the session. Content focused on: learning more about each other and personal values and opinions, visions and values of the new business, behaviours internally and externally – with some fun interspersed! The second day was more operationally focused – looking at the individual working styles within the team and how to put the required work delivery into successful practise.
  • Supporting the existing leadership team of a leisure business, with the creation and facilitation of the marketing direction and plan for the year ahead. A blend of coaching them to share and expand creativity, through to providing marketing ideas and insight.

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I like to get inside a business, meet the people and see the business in action. I am practical and not theoretical. We need to create plans that are short enough and real enough, to actually be put into practise and not to sit on a shelf. I like to tackle real challenges and help a business/ organisation to devise a workable and affordable plan, to go forward in the way that feels right for them.

I can question, listen, think and then enable you; leaving you with a working plan to take forward, or stay a little longer and help to pull-together the appropriate team to deliver effectively, in a project management role.

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In 2018, I merged my independent PR agency (began in 2001) with a London-based independent PR agency (began in 1995). Both agencies have been in operation a long time – 43 years of combined experience! Any PR communication activity required by clients – on and offline, can potentially be delivered by this experienced team, if the brief fits the expertise. Do take a look – www.monkhousePR.co.uk or email eat@monkhousePR.co.uk. Following the merger, expertise extends beyond food and drink into: home, beauty, lifestyle, interiors, restaurants, hotels, packaging plus a corporate division and a digital PR division. The new set-up is still firmly an independent client focused agency.

I can work as a support to the leadership team or specific individuals within the team, either as a non-executive director or a NED-style member of the team – whatever suits the business/ organisation. I am always interested in discussing opportunities within business, sport, politics and preparing young people for the workplace.

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I have been working with a Moreton Hall school in Shropshire since 2017, supporting their long-established and highly successful enterprise programme for sixth formers. I have developed a series of termly events (Directors Tables) where we have round-table discussion and debate about real-work issues with external guests. It is not career advice but preparation for work guidance. The aim is for students to begin to understand the skills that they need for work, rather than simply specific career qualifications. Many jobs that exist now will not exist in the future and many jobs that existing students will take-on, do not yet exist.

What is vital is the right attitude and emotional skill-set, to be successful, thrive and enjoy work! In March 2019, we will be hosting the first Moreton Means Business Mini Conference on International Women’s Day, building on the smaller events.

During 2019, I shall be launching specific days/ series of days to assist sixth formers, university students and other students about to enter or just entering the world of work. If this is of interest to you individually, or for a group – please do contact me to discuss in more detail. They can be delivered at your premises or at www.monkhousegranary.co.uk.

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