The Collective Circle

The Circle extends to include a collection of friendly experts that we work with; coaches with specific expertise, mentors, strategic marketing, business development and sales skills, presentation skills…

Clare Downes – strategic marketing

My key expertise over a career, spanning far too long now – over twenty years! is marketing strategy and communication. I help businesses to understand where they are, where they want to be – and in marketing and communication terms, how they will reach this next stage. My approach, as with everything, is not that of a trainer – but of a deliverer. I like to have real discussions with practical exercises, to reach the core of communication for businesses and their brands – whether this is a consumer facing brand or a professional services brand. All brands need to understand themselves and communicate clearly internally and externally. All actions and activities are developed out of the core brand tone/ message from individual conversations to corporate sponsorship – consistency is key. The starting point is the individual and the end result is the sum of the individuals consolidating the business brand.

Clare Downes – PR/ Communication Skills

After years of running my own PR/ communications agency and striving to delivery an outstanding service – I now try to help other PR/ marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams/ press officers. I work one-to-one and in small focused groups.

– How to draft press releases – trade and consumer
– How to prepare credible and valuable forward features for trade media
– How to develop excellent communication skills for both account management and media relations

If your agency or team is interested in very real and well-practised support in this area, please contact me with the specific challenge and we can discuss how to approach it together.

Sarah Pritchard – presentation skills

Sarah was called to the Bar in 1997 and has practiced as a barrister for twenty years at St Ives Chambers, Birmingham.  Sarah has enjoyed an incredibly successful career as a trial advocate working in all tiers of courts but latterly specialising in high profile cases within the Family Court.   She has lectured widely and provided training on court skills, advocacy and child protection to lawyers and professionals.  Sarah is very passionate about the difference effective communication and high quality presentation skills make to any business; these skills are what set apart the impressive from the average. Sarah is now working with ‘the circle’ to provide specialist presentation skills when needed by clients. She is also working with young women in education to support their confidence in communication through a Life and Communications Skills initiative.  I have known Sarah since school days and we have now come together to combine our skills to support the people that we work with.

Eleanor McBrien – executive business coach

Eleanor has over 20 years experience working with consumer brands across the financial, media and entertainment industries. Now running her own consultancy business, Eleanor helps brands and leaders facing issues of change, re-positioning and intense competition.
Eleanor’s style is a combination of support and challenge. Her blend of business acumen and leadership experience, means a coaching conversation with her will always be rooted in smart, thoughtful insight. Fascinated by our capacity to train ourselves to think and behave differently, Eleanor enjoys partnering with her clients to bring out their best potential.
Eleanor is also a graduate of the Meyler Campbell ‘Mastered’ Executive Coach programme, accredited by The Association for Coaching. She has a joint major BA Hons in Marketing and Visual Arts, and the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma.
Married with two gorgeous children and one ancient cat, Eleanor is also a keen/slow (but determined) runner.