Support for teams is vital through all levels of a business. Coaching is often used by senior executives – and other members of the team do not have access to an external resource, funded by the business. The Coaching Pop-Up approach allows businesses to provide regular support to their teams for well-being, career progression and mental health. This approach can provide a hybrid between an in-house coach and an external coach, as a deep and broad understanding of the business is attained but with a continued outside perspective. Coaches are fully trained to understand when issues raised may require extended medical support.

Coaching has many purposes:

  • an outside perspective on internal issues
  • support and direction during a challenging time at work
  • advice and guidance on a specific task – presentation, proposal, handling an internal relationship
  • career progression and personal development
  • balancing issues outside of work, to manage the impact on their performance inside work

An experienced business coach regularly attends your offices for a day and is available to provide one-to-one coaching to members of your organisation on an ad hoc or pre-booked basis.

Sessions are typically one hour long, with a maximum of six sessions per Coaching Pop-Up day. If preferred, longer sessions can be accommodated, with a corresponding reduction in the maximum number of sessions in any one Coaching Pop-Up day.