Whether working with an individual, team or wider business; coaching or developing marketing strategy – these are the key words to explain how I approach working with you. Questioning is where it all begins and the aim is to enable you to deliver your objectives – with some focused listening and considered thinking, in between.

This starts on the first chemistry meeting – both ways! (whether with an individual or a team). You need to feel happy with me; my background and experience, my approach to you and where we can take an enabling working relationship.

Questioning then never stops – my role is to give you the space and time to think, whilst I listen and then I keep questioning. I ask the questions that you may be asking yourself but you may not be managing to articulate your answers out-loud, or you just do not have time to ask yourself. If I am working with a group, we need to create an environment of openness, in order to be productive.

This comes next – I listen to the answers, the silences, the thinking patches, the reflection – always listening; as everything provides me with something. You also listen (hopefully!) as I reflect back on your answers, thoughts and considerations.  When working with a group – part of this is listening to the different thoughts, opinions and ideas; to assimilate where these will take us…

We both think all the time that we are together and when we are not – this process evokes thinking. It allows you to have time to reflect, often this is a key part of the relationship. You are given permission to think, to remove yourself from the ‘noise’ of the day to day and properly consider. When working with a team – the power of collective thinking is harnessed.

The aim is always to enable individuals and teams to achieve positive results. The objectives are set-out at the start of working together – but we often deviate into other areas as the relationship flourishes and trust develops. My role is to enable you to do all that you are able to do – to confidently realise your potential, with a smile on your face as much of the time as possible!